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From thought-provoking webinars delving into educational adventures to hands-on workshops nurturing skills for the future, Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi’s events calendar showcases our commitment to holistic education. Dive into insightful discussions led by industry experts during the webinars, where students gain valuable perspectives on the world beyond the classroom. The workshops offer a hands-on approach to learning, equipping students with practical skills to navigate an ever-evolving landscape.

The School celebrates major school events that weave together the cultural landscape of our diverse community. Here, education isn't just about textbooks; it's a dynamic and personal experience that extends beyond the classroom.

Stay connected, stay informed, and be a part of the transformative events shaping the educational narrative at Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi.


Accelerated Learning

9th December, 2023



10th February, 2023


WOW Parenting

16th December, 2023

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