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An IB PYP Candidate* & a Proposed Cambridge School

Universal Wisdom School is a premium international school in Balewadi, Pune, that offers International Curricula. The School is located in Balewadi, Pune, and is backed by the Vishwakarma Purple Educational Trust and the prestige of Wisdom World Schools.

International School in Balewadi, Pune - Universal Wisdom School


As an international school in Balewadi, Pune, the infrastructure and facilities support the holistic education that the School imbibes. Students can leverage state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities like STEM labs and sports installations to pursue artistic and co-curricular disciplines.


  •   Inculcating a Love for Learning

Try it. Explore it. Poke at it. Question it. And turn it inside out!
Keeping in line with the school philosophy, UWS, Pune, truly believes in inspiring a love for learning among children through our various learning methodologies and approach.

  •   Inquiry-Based Approach

We believe the world belongs to the curious. Therefore, our teachers are trained to allow students to learn through independent exploration, inquiry, and natural curiosity rather than through instruction. This constructivist approach encourages children to become lifelong learners.

  •   Experiential & Collaborative Learning

The best way to learn is, in fact, by doing. At UWS, students learn through real-world and hands-on projects. In collaboration with their fellow students and teachers, they learn to explore and arrive at solutions to problems using critical thinking.

  •   A Global Perspective & Futuristic Mindset

As borders disappear and the world shrinks, our students need to equip themselves with a global mindset. Our curriculum, methodologies, and futuristic facilities encourage students to be inclusive and appreciative of our differences while thinking of common humanity.

International School in Balewadi, Pune

From the Principal and Vice Principal

Discover the philosophy of Universal Wisdom School, an international school in Balewadi, Pune, first-hand from the Heads who are equipped with the armour of a diverse career, over four decades of joint international experience, and a calvary of staff that’s as dedicated as they are.






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The Future Belongs to the Curious. Are You Prepared?

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