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Nurturing Learners for Life!

Experiential Learning

The best way to learn is “learning by doing” and then reflecting on the experience. Project-based, real-world learning is a core part of our curriculum.

Inquiry-based Approach

We inculcate a lifelong love of learning by encouraging curiosity, questions, and learning by exploration, rather than instruction.

World-class Facilities

From an outstanding swimming pool to an archery and rifle-shooting range, holistic development is encouraged and supported by our state-of-the-art facilities.

International Mindedness

We believe in inculcating international mindedness among our students to complement the firm foundation laid with Indian values.

Individualised Learning & Critical Thinking

We nurture the unique potential and strengths of each and every child while aiming at developing essential critical thinking skills in them.

Welcome To Universal Wisdom School


The Vishwakarma Purple Educational Trust is thrilled to announce the opening of its third school, a premium international school in Pune. Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi is an International Curricula School in Balewadi, Pune, offering International Curricula programmes. It offers truly top-notch facilities and is proud of having a passionate and competent academic team. Our team comprises a healthy mix of expatriates and locals, bringing a true sense of international mindedness and multicultural perspectives.

Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi aims to be an Educational Centre of Excellence that prepares students for lifelong challenges and to become strong contributors in making the world a better place. We envision an Institution that strives to be a pioneer in Educational methodologies by incorporating cutting-edge technology and contemporary, impactful teaching/learning methods.
Our mission is to create abundant opportunities to help unfold each student's unique talents and enhance their potential for social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual growth. We aim to develop in our students' compassion and responsibility towards contributing to the global society as confident, balanced, and caring individuals. We are committed to create an environment of harmony where all students feel safe, loved, respected, and accepted to facilitate intercultural understanding and celebrate differences as global citizens.

Discover the Universal Wisdom School philosophy

Ms. Ana Dominguez

Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi

The Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi, is helmed by Ms. Ana Dominguez, who brings extensive experience of over twenty-five years in international education.

Originally from Spain, she started her teaching career after graduating in Modern Linguistics and English at the Complutense University of Madrid. She has worked in all educational levels in Spain, Latin America, the Middle East, China and has been in India for the past five years. Her exposure to this wide array of environments has given her a multicultural perspective.

Ms. Dominguez holds a University Expert Diploma in International Education and IB and continues her learning journey with educational leadership and positive psychology courses. She has taught English, Spanish, Theatre, and Literature as a teacher.

Passionate about education, her profession is a way of life for her, not a job. She believes that a school must be a happy place that encourages discovery and curiosity and prepares the students for life with a combination of values, skills, and knowledge. Ms. Dominguez is a proud mother of two. She enjoys reading, theatre plays, movies, music, and sports. She is also an avid traveller who has visited over forty countries, and has many more on her bucket list.

From the Principal’s desk..

Welcome to Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi!

Lao Tzu said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” and we are thrilled to begin our educational journey in the academic year 22-23.

We are a young school but backed up by the prestige of Wisdom World School and the experience of the passionate educators who have joined us to make this adventure a success for all. In a changing world where borders are becoming a line in a map, at Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi, our goal is to empower our students to become true citizens of the world, prepared to face any challenge, and committed to making the world a better place. We bring the most rigorous and up-to-date international standards and approaches with deep roots in the Indian values for the holistic development of the human being.

We know that every child is unique, and thus we believe in an individualised approach to nurture and develop their natural talents and guide them to explore, discover and enhance other areas. Our inquiry-based curriculum makes the learning experience relevant and enjoyable, creating a safe and happy space where our students will thrive. We believe in the joy of learning to develop creativity, values, and excellence.

Our infrastructure is designed to support the holistic education we pursue. Our students can enjoy top-of-the-range facilities for Artistic disciplines, STEM labs, and the best-equipped sports installations to ensure a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

It is an honour and a pleasure for me to be part of this extraordinary journey, and I hope you will take the time to visit us and experience the unique and happy atmosphere of this community. I am looking forward to welcoming you all!

Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur

Vice Principal
Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi

Ms. Sarabjeet Kaur comes with eighteen years of rich and diverse experience in the field of education. A postgraduate in Political Science and Bachelor of Education from the University of Delhi, she is also a seasoned educator for Theory of Knowledge, International Baccalaureate.

Ms. Kaur is a true-blue learning leader with strong interpersonal skills. She is an expert in implementing various national and international boards curricula like CBSE, CAIE, and IB.

Ms. Kaur has held multiple academic and administrative positions in her career, including being founder principal of a school in Rajasthan in 2014 and vice-principal of an international school in Gurgaon, her most recent role. Having a strong understanding of the fundamentals of education and related dynamics, she has been a resource person for numerous workshops on topics like Mental Health, Dolphin Parenting, Child Abuse Prevention, Stress Management, and NEP 2020.

After obtaining her professional educator’s licensure from the Illinois State Board of Education (USA), she worked with the district schools of Chicago from 2016 to 2018. In pursuit of her fervour for child development and safety, she joined YWCA, Metropolitan of Chicago as an education specialist. Her role included working extensively with the elementary and junior high schools of DuPage County, training students and the parents against child abuse and assault.

Ms. Kaur’s ideology of true education is inspired by and resonates with the profound words of Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” She accentuates that holistic education is incomplete without educating the mind and connecting to the soul within. For her, other than the hardware of the school, which is visible, it is equally poignant to lay emphasis on the software known as life skills and value education.

An avid reader who loves to travel, Ms. Kaur has worked closely with children of diverse cultures in various capacities and roles.


Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi offers International Curricula. The curricula focuses on preparing students for life by helping them develop an informed curiosity and lasting passion for learning. It aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through education that builds inter-cultural understanding and respect.

Co-Curricular Activities
  • Robotics
  • Music
  • Graphic Design & Animation
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Martial Arts
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Volleyball
  • Throwball
  • Skating
  • Rifle Shooting
  • Archery
  • Gymnastics
  • Carrom
  • Chess
  • Swimming
  • Speech & Drama
  • Rock Climbing
Inculcating a Love for Learning

Try it. Explore it. Poke at it. Question it. And Turn It Inside Out!

Keeping in line with the school philosophy, Universal Wisdom School truly believes in inspiring a love for learning among children through our various learning methodologies and approach.

Inquiry-based Approach

We believe the world belongs to the curious. Our teachers are trained to allow students to learn through independent exploration, inquiry, and natural curiosity rather than through instruction. This constructivist approach encourages children to become lifelong learners.

Experiential & Collaborative Learning

The best way to learn is, in fact, by doing. At Universal Wisdom School, Balewadi, students learn through real world and hands-on projects. In collaboration with their fellow students and teachers, they learn to explore and arrive at solutions to problems using critical thinking.

A Global Perspective & Futuristic Mindset

As borders disappear and the world shrinks, our students need to equip themselves with a global mindset. Through our curriculum, methodologies, and futuristic facilities, we encourage students to be inclusive and appreciative of our differences, while at the same time think of a common humanity.


The Vishwakarma Purple Educational Trust is a dynamic, forward-thinking Trust that understands the educational needs of society and implements the latest trends. It comprises a group of highly responsible, experienced, motivated individuals that believe in leaving no stone unturned when it comes to imparting the highest standards in education.

After having established themselves in the field of engineering and management, Vishwakarma Group of Institutes, Pune, is expanding their professional knowledge and experience and establishing a chain of international schools, providing high-quality education. Our endeavour at Vishwakarma International Schools is to create an educational legacy that will leave its imprints on the students’ souls long after they complete their school education. In this endeavour, we are lucky to be backed by 38 years of educational legacy of Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (VIT, Pune) and the Vishwakarma University. The Group also runs the Vishwakarma Vidyalaya (Affiliated to the State Board) and the Vishwakarma International School (Affiliated to the CBSE Board).

Purple Properties was started in 1998 with aspiration, passion, belief, and motive of enhancing urban living. Understanding how community living enhances lifestyle and everyday living, steps to nurture the community essence have prevailed over these years. After delivering 50+ successful projects, including commercial and residential, the Group has the vision to contribute something significant to society. With this vision, the Group's primary step is to provide excellent infrastructure and technology for quality education to the next generation. The Group focusses on the holistic development of the next generation, which is demonstrated in some of the other initiatives the Group undertakes.

The Wisdom World schools are amongst the most awarded schools. All Wisdom World Schools are QS-iGauge Platinum-rated schools (the highest achievable rating). This puts our schools at par with international standards. We also are an IGBC Platinum-rated Green Schools Campus. Hence, we walk the talk when we claim to be a truly International School of high standards.

Our first Wisdom World School at Wakad, Pune, established in 2010, is one of the most prestigious and sought-after Schools in Pune. Each year, our CISCE board results break all records, and our students achieve top ranks not only in Pune city but also in the whole country. Our Principal, Ms. J. Simoes, is a multi-award winner (National Awards for Teachers and the prestigious Derozio Award) and is amongst the best educationists in this country. She is also a mentor for many Teachers and Principals alike. Little wonder then that the school saw phenomenal growth and grew to over 2,200 students in a very short span of 5 years.

After reaching great heights, it was time to establish the second Wisdom World School at Hadapsar. In 2015 the foundation stone for the second Wisdom World School was laid. WWS Hadapsar, too, saw exponential growth, thanks to the hard work and dedication of the founding Principal – Mrs. R. Dalvie (Also a National Award recipient), and her team of experienced and capable teachers. Our first batch results of the CISCE examination stand testimony to what we claim, with a majority of our students scoring above 90%. Vishwakarma International Schools is now focussed on setting up one of the best international schools offering International Curricula in Pune.


Universal Wisdom School offers distinguished sports facilities, including an archery and rifle shooting range. Our indoor facilities have an impressive gymnasium along with dedicated space for games such as carrom and chess.

Our premium swimming pool with an automatic filtration plant ensures that our students have a splash whilst learning to swim in clean and safe water.

Our splendid amphitheatre and auditorium with high-end audiovisual technology surely bring out the best in our budding actors and performers. Performing arts like Speech and Drama are one of the most important areas we focus on, aiming at the all-round development of the students. It helps students to get stage exposure and boost their self-confidence.




Graphic Design & Animation



Martial Arts








Rifle Shooting






Speech & Drama

Rock Climbing

Student Safety

Student safety is a factor that is given the highest importance by our School. The School has invested a lot of time, effort, and resources to ensure that systems and technology incorporated will ensure the safety of every child.

Some of the important systems to ensure your child's safety are in place like, CCTV surveillance covering the whole campus, Biometric access based attendance systems, ID cards, GPS enabled buses, Fire-fighting equipment including smoke detectors and fire hydrants as well as fire extinguishers, and robust disaster evacuation/fire evacuation drills.

The School is equipped with an infirmary. Our School appointed doctor and ambulance on call will ensure that there are no delays should there be any medical emergencies.

The School will also appoint a clinical counsellor to attend to any of our students' concerns ensuring their mental health and well-being.

CCTV Surveillance

GPS-enabled Buses


Biometric Access

Clinical Counsellor on Campus


The School structure has a liberal amount of break out spaces. The wide and naturally bright corridors will ensure that there are no dull moments and only bright moments throughout the day. Classrooms are with standard air conditioning to maintain optimal temperatures that provides a comfortable and productive environment for our students.

The School has created nutritious meal plans for its students, served in the dining room every day.

Air-conditioned Classrooms

Breakout Spaces

Nutritious Meal Plans


High-end computer labs with laptops, Smart class technology in each classroom, ERP for easy access to all school-related functionalities, Digital Library with access to online content, EduplusNow Learning Management system, Easycheck system for online examinations, and a host of other technology platforms are available in our school.

High-end Computer Labs

Digital eLibrary

Computer-based Learning

Environmental Conservation

The School building will be designed and built as per IGBC Green campus norms. At Universal Wisdom School, a lot of importance is given to the environment. Eco-friendly practices are adopted and taught from a very early age.

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